SICgrips’ products are designed by and for climbers. They are the brainchild of Craig Spaulding (me!), with help from friends Brian (engineering and CAD modeling), Alex (machining and all things metal), Marion (content editing) and Antonio and Paul (general critique, business advice and harassment - or was that meant as encouragement?!), along with numerous other family, friends, and climbers who were willing to try them and give feedback and suggestions.

My travel schedule in my former job often meant weeks away from climbing. Gstring Climbing Grips emerged from my desire to stay in climbing shape while traveling. Portable commercial training devices left much to be desired in terms of weight and lack of variety of grip positions. Most offer very few unique grip positions and just focus on pockets/edges which only train one basic grip position. I reasoned that the same thing could be achieved with only one flat edge by varying hand position and the number of fingers. This would allow more space for other essential grip positions. The ultimate goal was to provide the full functionality of a hangboard, with even more features, in a small, versatile, and portable device.

After several generations of Gstring designs and feedback from fellow climbers, I decided there might be enough interest in Gstrings to make them available as a commercial product for: those who travel a lot; those who can’t or don’t want to put up a permanently-mounted training device; or those who want the adjustability and versatility of Gstrings over a hangboard.

Since earlier attempts at getting some big name companies interested in making and marketing them didn’t go anywhere, I decided to form SICgrips. Serious development of the final Gstring prototype finally began in 2011 while I managed a climbing gym and production began in mid-2012.