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It's hard to imagine an innovative product coming into the world of climbing training at this point. How many different things could I possibly grab onto and do a pull up? ...SICgrips, answered the question by creating one lightweight, mount-anywhere, product that offers an almost infinite number of grip positions.

The beauty of Gstrings is in the simplicity of the design.

For the size, weight, diversity of grip positions, and flexibility of mounting, there isn't a better device on the market.

December 2012

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Although it appears simple, the intentionally designed shape allows you to train a huge variety of hand positions.

Climbing Magazine, 2013 Gear Guide


I bought a pair direct from you when they first came out and I STILL can't understand how so many climbers I meet have NEVER seen or heard yet of the G-strings! I do expect you might get a flood of orders about now each year..or in mid summer, or at RocktoberFest time at the Red, because I haul mine along and hang them from the rafters at Miguel's Pizza to use each night. People still come up to me and say they never saw them before...they ask if I'm a rep for your company,etc.....they LOVE them...and I keep showing them the name and website on the G's...and tell them to order them up cuz they are so much more useful and fun than any 'rock rings' or a cheezy hangboard workout.

Mark P


I have had a lot of strength gains using the SICgirps Gstrings



I wanted you to know that I really love the Gstrings. They are easy to use and the quality is excellent. I've used other training devices in the past and these are definitely the most flexible to use and setup. I will be telling my climbing friends about them, as well as the owner of the local climbing gym.

John T


I want you to know I'm really psyched about your company and am happy to spread the word by mouth/Facebook. 

Just so you know the value of SICGrips to me, I had an ice climbing accident, where I was soloing and fell 100 feet, breaking both ankles. I chose SICGrips because i can rig them easily over a chair or mat so if I fall I can land on my butt. I also value being able to turn my elbows to a position where they don't get tweaked, and being able to choose and change out grip tape. SICGrips were the only thing that met all my criteria! Thank you.

Jason B


Got 'em and love 'em.

Congratulations on a small company on dreaming something new, and having the guts to put all that it takes to create it and share it.

If someone believes they can make something like this at home, with the same level of quality, for cheaper, please let us know how it went. I'd be genuinely interested.



Looking forward to these. I love the Pro SIC Grips [Gstring PROs], best tools I've found to develop finger strength. Nice job designing them!

Montessori at home


After trying (and being disappointed with) a lot of hangboards and rock rings, I was going to make some custom training grips of my own design. These are vastly superior to what I had planned. Just put in my order!



Ordered a pair last Thursday and they arrived on Monday. Just had a chance to play around with them last night...very nice. Seriously, they are pretty much a work of art with superb craftsmanship that is so cool.

The versatility of the adjustment system is mind boggling. So many positions can be done to allow for all types of holds.

More simply said; these are stunning in appearance and also in design.

Get some!



I own a pair of Gstrings and I absolutely love them. They are really light and portable, and since I got them they have been my go-to training tool at home. I also own a pair of rock rings, but they just sit in my closet collecting dust.

I like them because I often travel and like to train when I can't get on the rock. Also, you can adjust them to get a variety of holds that you just can't get from a hangboard or other similar training tools. Also, as I've gotten stronger, I've adjusted the angle of the Gstrings so that I can train on harder holds (I especially like adjusting it to practice brutal crimps).

I climb outside on the weekends (usually at Seneca) and at a local crag or gym when it's wet once a week. So usually I do Gstring exercises once or twice a week in between. Before I got injured, I was leading 5.10c/d and within a few weeks I moved up to 5.11 b/c after training on these guys. Still using them and getting back my former strength.



Genius. Absolute genius.                                                                                                       



Brilliant!!! The adjustment system is almost the most impressive part of the design.

Actually, I think that's likely to be appealing to many climbers because you get better at doing it, and it's cool to see it work. The possibilities are really endless.



I've been using these every time I go into my local bouldering gym. These are the most versatile and effective training grips on the market. Genius design, highly recommended!

Josh Kornish


These are the most varied training holds I've ever come across. Since the Gstrings are a spiral design, there are literally hundreds of hold positions since each degree of rotation changes the difficulty of each main hold position.

Having every hold type in such a small convenient package is really fantastic for someone who rents an apartment and doesn't like to have a huge chunk of plastic rigged to a door frame.

Sloper - here's where the golden spiral inspired design really shines. You can start with a super easy full hand sloper and rotate them until they're nearly vertical; even the hardest of the Fontainebleau hardmen would have trouble with these!



Just wanted to let you know I received the G-Strings and they are awesome!  So awesome that I'm probably going to have to give these to my brother for Christmas and have to order myself another set in the near future.  

I have a strong interest in sacred geometry and the power of shapes and I love the logarithmic spiral design of these.  Great design job!

Thanks again                                                                                                                                     



One of my buddies sent me a link to your site and just wanted to tell you that I think your design is really awesome!

Well done! I'm super impressed! So simple and elegant. It looks like there are a few folks thinking of new training ideas at the moment.

Mike White


I'd get'm just to show'm off. They look like art compared to my fingerboard.                                   



Worked out with a set of sic grips today. I must say, I am pretty impressed. They seem like the perfect hangboard/rock rings combo. you should check em out.                                                                     



Price seems very reasonable for the quality of the set and versatility of positions. Pretty dam cool item!

Woodchuck ATC


Got to play around with these a bit in WV (Gendarme, Seneca Rocks) this past summer, very awesome product, verrry very well thought out...                                                                          



Yeah, they are supercool...a thing of engineering beauty! We own one of the first pairs off the 'line'



+1 for an innovative and super efficient training platform!...these things look like gold.



Wow, I like it.  Simple, versatile and elegant.  ...I thought that (the) design was elegance simplified, right along Chouinard's principles of a well-designed tool having multiple purposes. I think it is an actual thing of beauty.



Hmmm I really like the dip application, especially. This could be useful for someone on the road such as myself.



...congratulations on your idea for the Gstring, I think it's the best training hold in the world due to the fact that it's so versatile, offering so many grip positions and at the same time small and elegant. I've been searching for a training board for more than a half a year all over the internet and found only variations on the same theme, until the Gstring, Thank you!



It's the shape and hanging harness adjustability that makes these so much better than a pair of $--.-- rock rings or a hundred dollar campus board. Definitely worth the cash.

Rock rings are soooo yesterday. It's all about the Gstrings these days for (a) total workout.

Woodchuck ATC


I love my Gstrings!                                                                                                                           



Grips arrived Saturday, they are great. I had my doubts concerning the crimp holds on the small end, even that hold works as advertised. A great product all around, thanks.



Got my grips and I have to say; damn good stuff sir. Beautifully carved and feels solid. Functionality fused with design.



Wow! I love my Gstrings. They are really quite fabulous!



Thank you! Yesterday I already have got the Gstrings. They’re fun to train with it.

With a big smile from Switzerland...