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Gstring and Pocket Rocks gain their versatility through both their unique shape, as well as their innovative 3D-Slings. Their simple and elegant shapes are inspired by the variable radii curve of the logarithmic spiral found in nature, mathematics, and cam lobes. Also unique to the Gstrings is the innovative elliptical crimper that changes difficulty as the grip rotates. This combination of unique shapes offers eight different grip positions: edge, jug, crimp, sloper, pinch, mantle (dips), and undercling and for Pocket Rocks, a 1,2, or 3 finger pocket.
Both grips hang from an adjustable 3D-Sling/3D-Slider, which provides four points of suspension. This creates stability and also allows easy adjustment around the vertical, horizontal and rotational axes to adjust the degree of difficulty, maximize comfort, and minimize the stress on joints and tendons often caused by rigid hangboards. Gstrings even have a choice of grip surfaces standard [medium], rough, fine, or smooth to better reflect the type of conditions you are training for or to change the degree of difficulty. Both grips are lightweight and compact making them easy to take with you wherever you go. See the many options for mounting, here.


  1. Lightweight heat-treated aluminum (Gstirng PRO, or
    high quality Beech hardwood (Pocket Rocks)

  2. Highly flexible 5mm nylon accessory cord (Gstring PRO model)
    4.5mm abrasion-resistant static polyester cord (Pocket Rocks)

  3. high-friction, skin-friendly, replaceable StikGrip surface

  4. Stainless steel rings and Black Diamond Oval ‘biners (PRO Model)