Gstring PROs

For those who want the ultimate in ease of use and a wider grip

  1. RipCord easy adjustment system - simply pull RipCord to unlock 3D-Sling and rotate grip to a new position. You don’t need to remove grips from their mount. Simple and quick!

  2. Includes 2 Black Diamond Oval ‘biners (integral to the RipCord adjustment system)

  3. 5mm flexible Sterling accessory cord in the 3D-Sling

  4. Easier to change StikGrip without removing 3D-Sling

  5. Wider grip at the crimp end - top of sloper

  6. Heavy duty stainless steel cord-lock rings

  7. Vinyl tubing cord protectors

  8. 3.0 lbs / pair

  9. PROs are ideal for gyms where there is frequent heavy use and for those who don’t need the lighter weight for travel and desire the ease with which they can be adjusted. (note: mounting height of 84” or greater recommended)

Gstring Classics

For those who want versatility and light weight for travel

  1. 4mm polyester cord in 3D-Sling - easy to put up and take down over your head.

  2. Can be adjusted either while they’re hanging or when they’re down

  3. Lighter in weight - 2.1 lbs / pair

  4. Adjustable hanging height - can be adjusted up to 3 inches by re-tying knot in the Prusik hang loop

  5. Better for travel because of light weight and versatility in mounting (even able to used in a doorway in a pinch while traveling)

  6. Can be used in a hanging position or attached to free weights, weight machines, TRX straps, rowing machines, (with cord/webbing and ‘biners - not included)


Gstring-PRO RipCord adjustment
video - coming soon
  1. Gstring Climbing Grip Models

There are now Gstring two models...the original ‘Classic’ and the new ‘PRO’ version. Both have the same innovative shape and adjustability that gives you 8 essential grip positions; variable degrees of difficulty; and, replaceable StikGrip surface. Both are hand made in the U.S.A.