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Gstring and Pocket Rocks gain their versatility through both their unique shape, as well as their innovative adjustment system. Their simple and elegant shapes are inspired by the variable radii curve of the logarithmic spiral found in nature, mathematics, and cam lobes.  This combination of unique shapes offers six major grip positions: edge, jug, crimp, sloper, pinch, mantle (dips), and undercling. Additionally for the Pocket Rocks, a 1,2, or 3 finger pocket. Each of these position can be fine tuned for degree of difficulty.


Both grips hang from an adjustable sling which provides four points of suspension. This creates stability and also allows easy adjustment around the vertical, horizontal and rotational axes to adjust the degree of difficulty, maximize comfort, and minimize the stress on joints and tendons often caused by hangboards which promotes one inflexible position. Also, because they are two independent grips - not one rigid board - they can be mounted to match the user’s shoulder width. See the many options for mounting, here. Both grips are lightweight and compact making them easy to take with you wherever you go.


  1. Lightweight heat-treated aluminum - Gstirng PROs; high quality Beech hardwood - Pocket Rocks

  2. Highly flexible 5mm nylon accessory cord - Gstring PRO model; 4.5mm abrasion-resistant static polyester cord - Pocket Rocks

  3. high-friction, replaceable StikGrip surface on Gstring PROs; smooth, skin friendly hardwood on Pocket Rocks

  4. Stainless steel rings with Black Diamond Oval ‘biners  for quick release adjustment - Gstring PRO Model


Let’s face it...

...many of us don’t have the time or opportunity to climb and train as much as we’d like. Maintaining and improving contact strength and endurance without regular training on the rocks or in the climbing gym is a real challenge. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet to remedy this. Cross-training and general fitness training are both helpful, but they don’t provide the strength and endurance needed for climbing.

What can you do...

...when geography, work, family, school, and other responsibilities, (a.k.a., “life”) keep you away from climbing??? While it’s difficult to train for climbing specific movement and technique away from rock or gym, Gstring or Pocket Rock Climbing Grips are excellent alternatives when you can’t get to real rock or even to the gym. Combine grip workouts with your regular climbing routine to gain and maintain core and contact strength and endurance.

Gstring PRO

Climbing Grips

Climbing Grips