Helpful Tips

  1. How to consistently set Gstrings back to the same angle

  2. When changing to different grip positions, it can be a challenge getting them back to the desired angle (grip position). There are two simple methods that can be used to facilitate this. The first method uses a small dab of colored nail polish or acrylic paint to mark the cord (don’t use Sharpie marker type products as the ink will “bleed” and spread, thus becoming less functional). On Gstrings PROs, the reference point for the mark should be at the apex of the quick release. Only one strand of the cord needs to be marked.

  1. Alternatively, a small piece of teflon dental floss tape can be threaded through a large sewing needle and pushed through the center of the cord then the ends trimmed so they are ~1/2”. It is easy to remove these and place in new positions when changing the grip positions you are focusing on in a specific training cycle.

  2. Before setting position markers on your grips, use them for a while and become familiar with what positions you would like to train. Keep the number of marks to a minimum to keep it simple and uncluttered. If using the dental floss marker method it is easy to pull them out and change when you want to train a new set of positions. Different colored paints make it easy to differentiate the positions but are difficult to remove in order to mark a new set of positions.

  3. How to adjust the 3D-Sling legs so they are equal on Gstring PROs

  4. Through normal use and stretching of cords or while carrying around during travel, the length of the two sides of the 3D-Sling can get out of balance so the Gstring doesn’t hang with equal force on each leg of the cord when weighted. To remedy this, unlock the cord-lock tube by lifting up and pulling a small amount of cord from the long side through the tube to the other side. Then lock the cord-lock tube back down by pulling on each cord where it emerges from the hole in the jug while pressing on the cord-lock tube until it is firmly against the bottom of the grip. The cord-lock tube locks the sling in place so one side does not become longer than the other while using. It’s extremely important that the length of each side of the 3D-Sling are equal and balanced or it will be difficult for the grip to hold it’s position and for your weight to be evenly distributed among each leg of the 3D-Sling.

  5. What to do if the 3D-Sling interferes with your hand on the sloper

If the sling cords interfere with your hand
while using the sloper grip because of your hand being wider than the spread of the cords, try moving the cords around to the outside of the grip as shown here.