International Orders

Other fees

International orders may incur a duty/import/VAT tax/other fees from your country’s customs agents or postal service. SICgrips does not quote nor are we responsible for these fees. It may also require you to pick up the package at your local postal office in order to pay these fees before they will release it to you. These fees are your responsibility. We’re required to fill out a customs declaration to accompany each international order. If in doubt as to how your country handles imports, please check ahead of time when ordering so that you aren’t surprised by unexpected fees when the package arrives.

Address and Phone

Please make sure that your address is correct and translated using the Roman script. We have received orders with addresses in Cyrillic, Kanji or other alphabets which makes it difficult to use with our postage software and impossible for the US Post Office to read. In these cases we use Google Translate and sometimes it does a poor translating which results in delays or lost packages. Therefore, please translate your address for us using the Roman Script if at all possible. If you do not want to change your address in PayPal, then please send us an email with your address translated.

Also, in the “Message” box in PayPal please include your phone number. We’ve had a number of packages delayed in the country’s customs office because they were not able to contact the intended receiver of the package.


The only form of payment accepted accepted for international orders is PayPal in USD. The cost of shipping a pair of Gstrings PROS is approximately $50 for most countries outside the US. Canada and Mexico are exceptions and will be somewhat less. To find out the exact amount for standard shipping without committing to buy, do the following: Go to the “Purchase” page, enter the items you wish to buy, then go to the PayPal “view cart” page and enter your country. It will show you the total amount without you having to commit to buy.

If you are ordering four or more sets, bank wire transfer is also an option.

Shipping times

Pocket Rocks are shipped via US Postal Service First Class International because they are under 2 lb. and it is significantly cheaper. Based on experience, we’ve found that it takes anywhere between 10 days - 6 weeks with no way to predict how long it will take to your specific location. It is even more unpredictable around the December holiday season.

Gstring PROs, depending upon the country, usually ship via Priority International Mail and it usually takes 6-10 days, not counting the time that it takes to go through customs/import process in your country. Some countries shipping charges are more expensive so we ship via First Class International (10 days - 4 weeks). We also offer Express International (US$60-US$70, 3-5 days). If you are interested in this option, please email us directly at and we’ll let you know how much it will be to your location and then bill you directly via PayPal. (note: the range of prices quoted here are for one set of grips and it depends upon your location).

Shipping issues

We have been getting an increasing number of orders returned without delivery for various reasons. If your order is not delivered and returned to us, we’ll resend one time once we received it back but we’ll need to charge you for the postage at the same as the original rate. We are a very small company with a small profit margin and cannot afford to be resending orders without reimbursement. If for some reason it is returned a second time (unfortunately this has happened several times), we’ll refund the purchase price minus the shipping charges.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.