Mounting Gstrings do you hang your Grips? In this section you’ll find several different ideas for mounting them.

The ideal height for mounting should be as high as possible, but still within reach to allow easy removal (so sling adjustments can be made for different grip positions). Depending on location and the method of mounting, the height at which they can be mounted may be limited.

When mounting, the spacing between the grips should be be about a shoulder width apart. This is important, since they need to hang straight while using. If mounted too far apart, or too close together, they will either tilt out or in when at the top of a pull-up. The goal should be to have the arms form a straight “L” when they are locked off at 90 degrees (halfway up a pull-up).

Whether you mount permanently or temporarily, location is an important consideration. It’s easy to get bored while training, so if there is a video player, TV, stereo, etc. close by, it can make the training experience a bit more tolerable and interesting. At the very least an MP3 player with earphones can provide some tunes to hang by.

We also have developed a prototype of a folding Gstring Gallows that will mount in a doorway and stow behind the door when not in use. It will allow grips to be hung near the ceiling to allow plenty of clearance.

See the following links for more ideas on how to mount your Gstrings:

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