New Gstring PROs color and Quick Release video! (9/12/16)

Gstring PROs have been updated with a new color scheme: orange/red/yellow. Blue and

black has been retired for now. We also made a short video clip showing how the quick release

adjustment works on the Gstring PROs.

Pocket Rocks are now for sale! (3/7/16)

Pocket Rocks are now for sale on our Purchase page and will be shipping to select dealers and


SICGRIPS now on Instagram (2/24/2016)

SICgrips is now on Instagram and we’ll be adding the Instagram icon at the bottom of our pages.

Updated training pages (2/22/2016)

We’ve updated the following training pages on our website: Basics, Endurance and Strength. One the Basics page

we included an entirely new suggested generalized training protocol at the bottom of the page.