Advanced Features of Pocket Rocks

  1. Some training regimens require precise control over crimp depth (i.e. Eva Lopez‘s training program). If you desire to train incrementally smaller crimps and finger pockets, you may want to make a finger stop for using with shims. This will allow you to precisely decrease the depth of both the medium crimp and finger pocket as you gain strength.

  2. The template is used as a pattern to cut a finger stop from 1/16” birch obtained from a hobby or craft supplier.
    After cutting it out, sand slowly until you obtain a good fit. It should fit snuggly against the end of the finger pocket ridges. Once you have a good fit, drill indicated hole, then glue it into place.

The template is also used to cut shims from either cardboard (not corrugated), thin plastic, or 1/16” birch. Use a piece of double stick (double-sided adhesive) tape on one side of the shim to hold it to the glued finger stop or the previous shim. By varying the number of shims you can precisely control finger crimp depth from 20mm down to 7mm or as low as you can hold on.

On the finger pocket side of the finger stop, use appropriately sized coins (U.S. nickels), or washers, cardboard disks can be used as shims in the center finger pocket to precisely control pocket depth.

The hole in the finger stop provides an easy way to push out the shims or coins should you want change them.


medium crimp (20mm) with shims                                    finger pocket with coins

grip with finger stop in place

(not to scale)