Ultimate in ease of use large grip size

  1. RipCord easy adjustment system - simply pull RipCord to unlock 3D-Sling and rotate grip to a new position. You don’t need to remove grips from their mount. Simple and quick!

  2. Includes 2 Black Diamond Oval ‘biners (integral to the RipCord adjustment system)

  3. 5mm flexible Sterling Accessory Cord in the 3D-Sling

  4. Comes with medium StikGrip but can be replaced by course or fine

  5. Gstrings even have a choice of grip surfaces: standard [medium], rough, fine, that can be changed to reflect the type of conditions you are training for or to change the degree of difficulty.

  6. Wide grip at the crimp end - top of sloper

  7. Heavy duty stainless steel cord-lock rings with Black Diamond Oval ‘biners

  8. Vinyl tubing cord protectors

  9. 2.75 lbs / pair

PROs are ideal for: commercial and home gyms where there is frequent heavy use; for those who don’t need the lighter weight for travel and desire the ease with which they can be adjusted; or those with larger hands.

(note: mounting height of 84” or greater recommended to insure adequate leg clearance)


made in USA


Although it appears simple, the intentionally designed shape allows you to train a huge variety of hand positions.Comments.html
For the size, weight, diversity of grip positions, and flexibility of mounting, there isn't a better device on the market.Comments.html

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