Jug Grip

Rounded jug

The Gstrings are rotated approximately 180 degrees from the normal upright “G” position - i.e. upside down. To do this, loosen the Prusik, grab the grip by the bottom of the “G” and slide the Prusik loop as far as it wil go toward the bottom of the “G”. It should look like this:

An alternate way to achieve a jug is to flip the two longer sling cords from the back of the sloper around to the side so that it looks like this:


Incut jug

This one is similar to the incut edge position, but tilted to a greater degree, making it more positive. For this position, the sling needs to be routed out the side on the bottom of the “G” and around to the front side of the crimper T.


Grip Positions

    - edge

    - jug

    - crimp

    - sloper

    - pinch

   - mantle

    - undercling