Mantle Grip

Two Gstring exercises can simulate the upper body movement of mantling: dip / press-ups.  The mantle press-up is a valuable exercise for strengthening oppositional shoulder muscles to help prevent climbing shoulder injuries. It’s not necessary to train high reps to gain this benefit. And with any type of new move, position or exercise, start off slowly and gradually increase the reps.

Mantle - press-ups (dips)

For practicing the mantle press-ups (also called dips), lower the height of the Gstrings by extending each with a sling or loop of accessory cord. You should be able to touch the ground with your feet while your arms are fully extended straight down on top of the grips. Your head also needs to clear the Gstring’s mounting points. Start with arms fully extended down and the legs slightly bent  at the knees with ankles crossed. This will lift your legs off the ground and allow enough clearance to lower yourself down. Dip down as far as you can go, but still able to press back up to the starting position.
You may find this exercise difficult at first. You’re not only pressing  up your full body weight, but also using additional strength to stabilize yourself on the free-hanging Gstrings. It’s not only working the muscles you use for mantling, but also using muscle and body/core
tension to keep your balance. If this is too difficult, you may want to use a weight reduction pulley system to reduce your effective body weight. Another way to lessen your effective weight is to rest the points of your toes behind you on the ground or a stool, taking some of the load off your arms. If possible, reduce your effective weight until you are able to do 10 reps. With practice you should be able to gradually increase up to your full body weight.

It’s also possible to use the flat mantle grip (shown above) for this exercise. However, it’s harder and places more stress on your wrists.  Do this with caution.  It may be something that you eventually transition to after you’re proficient using the jug grip position.



Grip Positions

    - edge

    - jug

    - crimp

    - sloper

    - pinch

    - mantle

    - undercling