Pinch Grip

Horizontal Pinch - This is the easiest of the pinch grip adjustments because it’s similar to the edge grip position - which is the normal upright “G” position.

Large horizontal pinch - The “G” is in the upright position and the large diameter of the lower portion of the “G” is pinched. Adjust the difficulty by rotating the “G” slightly from vertical. The horizontal pinch can be done two ways: with palms facing away from you, or with palms facing each other.


large horizontal pinch - side view



large horizontal pinch - front view



easier - rotated slightly to ease the difficulty - side view

Small horizontal pinch - The “G” is in a face down position (horizontal) and the lower “D” shaped surface is pinched. Fine tune the position to achieve the desired level of difficulty.


small horizontal pinch - side view



small horizontal pinch - side view. rotated slightly to ease difficulty


Vertical pinches (below) are hard on wrists because of the position it puts them in. It is probably best to use the horizontal pinches above instead. They will be difficult for most people so modify by adjusting the angle and using a pulley system shown here to remove weight.

Vertical Pinch

When adjusted properly, the grip should hang from the front two cords only (top two when hanging). These two cords should be taut when hung, while the back two cords should be loose.  When you’ve finished adjusting, make sure to tighten the Prusik knot securely. If the knot isn’t tight, it’s possible for the grip to slip. If the knot is tight and it still slips, see this suggestion. You’ll also need to adjust the second grip so the two Gstrings hang opposite of each other like this:


front view


back view

The degree of difficulty can be adjusted by slightly tilting the pinch grip so that it’s less than vertical. This is accomplished by pulling or loosening the cords through the Prusik knot. Closer to vertical = harder. Less than vertical = easier. 

Small vertical pinch


  small vertical pinch - front view



small vertical pinch - side view



small vertical pinch - rotated slightly to ease the difficult

Large vertical pinch


large vertical   - harder

front view



large vertical pinch - harder

side view



large vertical pinch - easier

(rotated slightly)

front view

Crimper pinch (advanced)
The crimper hold can also be used in a vertical position, but is extremely difficult under full body weight. Adjust the tilt of the grip slightly until you find the level of difficulty you desire.



Grip Positions

    - edge

    - jug

    - crimp

    - sloper

    - pinch

    - mantle

    - undercling