Sloper Grip

Gstrings offer a large full-hand sloper whose angle can be adjusted for degree of difficulty. You can further refine the level of difficulty can further by adjusting your hand position on the sloper: closer to the top = easier; closer to the bottom = more difficult.

Moving the Prusik in the opposite direction toward the bottom of the “G” will decrease the angle of the sloper and the degree of difficulty.

Moving the Prusik knot closer to the crimp will increase the angle and degree of difficulty of the sloper.

Moving the Prusik further around toward the bottom will invert the “G” and place the smaller diameter curve and more positive part under your fingers. This results in a sloper whose difficulty is easier depending upon your hand position on the sloper.
If the cords get in the way of your hands, move them to the outside of the grips.


Grip Positions

    - edge

    - jug

    - crimp

    - sloper

    - pinch

   - mantle

    - undercling