Because Gstrings are free hanging (unless hanging against a door or on a vertical board) it’s easy to turn your hands and grips 180° from normal. This allows you to train in an “undercling” position. The normal way to train is with the palms out - facing away from you with thumbs pointing toward each other..


In the “undercling” position, your palms face toward you with your thumbs pointing away from each other The most helpful grips for training in the undercling position are the edge, crimp, and sloper. While not exactly simulating an undercling, there’s enough similarity that you can increase your undercling strength by training complementary muscles to those used in face climbing.

For more info on setting up and using

the full undercling position, click here.


thumbs in
normal position

thumbs out
“undercling” position

Grip Positions

    - edge

    - jug

    - crimp

    - sloper

    - pinch

   - mantle

    - undercling